Saturday, October 26, 2013


"While a private foundation is by no means the only method by which to illustrate or execute one’s love for people, it is certainly a primary choice of many individuals and families when considering a philanthropic gifting program, a program that can incorporate the entire family—for generations to come. A private foundation is much like a family orchard or vineyard; the seedlings are planted and cared for and then passed down to the next generation to continue this care and harvesting." 

A Passion for Giving provides an overview and a template to understand the issues involved in managing a private foundation, starting with an engaging narrative that introduces the basics of estate planning, charitable giving, and private foundations. 
Authors and private foundation veterans Peter Klein and Angelica Berrie offer straightforward, clear guidance on the ins and outs of private foundations, demystifying the topic for financial advisors, CPAs, and trust/estate attorneys to help them successfully navigate the basics. 

With an abundance of lessons from visionary philanthropists including Ken Behring, Peter Karoff, and Peggy Dulany, 
A Passion for Giving looks at: 

• The "whys" of giving 
• Estate planning and charitable giving 
• Starting and managing a private foundation 
• Investment management for private foundations 
• Philanthropy as the gift of who you are 
• The philanthropic learning curve 
• Women leading through philanthropy 
• Empowering the next generation 
• The journey from doing good to making change 
• And much more 

Essential reading for anyone contemplating the creation of a foundation or managing or advising an existing foundation, A Passion for Giving presents a practical road map for establishing a private charitable foundation, with the tools to guide you.